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A small booklet, written in simple language to help Catholics and others deal with advance medical directives about life-or-death decisions, is going into its second printing of 5,000 just more than a month after its debut.
The legislation is being touted as a "fix" to last year's conscience law, which allows all health care professionals in Idaho to refuse to honor a patient's advance medical directives.
Does nothing to protect Idahoans' legal end-of-life wishes expressed in their advance medical directives, still allowing all health care professionals in Idaho to refuse to honor the legal documents.
Are various legal mechanisms, such as advance medical directives or durable power of attorney, sufficient?
The Army's Estate Planning Tool Kit explains such basic concepts as wills, trusts, advance medical directives, organ donations and funeral planning.
ElderCare also requires that the CPA learn about issues he or she may not be familiar with--for example, the common physical or mental effects of aging, LTC alternatives and legal issues such as advance medical directives.
The packages range in price from $85 for a single Medical Directives Pack[TM] to $200 for a complete Smarter Will Pack[TM], which includes an Illinois will, living will, and advance medical directives (a healthcare power of attorney, property power of attorney, and HIPAA authorization).
He put in place a Living Will, a Do Not Resuscitate order and other advance medical directives," Rien told a Capitol news conference.
In a so-called attempt to fix Idaho's new "conscience" law, which allows all health care professionals to refuse to honor advance medical directives, members of the House State Affairs Committee voted forward a bill that may only make matters worse.

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