adolescent pregnancy

Pregnancy by a female, age 13 to 19, which is understood to occur in a girl who hasn’t completed her core education—secondary school—has few or no marketable skills, is financially dependent upon her parents and/or continues to live at home and is mentally immature

adolescent pregnancy

See Teenage pregnancy.

Patient discussion about adolescent pregnancy

Q. what is selicemia pregnancy

A. Well, never heard about such condition (and neither has goodle... :-) ), do you have any more details to help recognising what it means?

Take care,

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About GCAPP: GCAPP was founded in 1995 by Jane Fonda as the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention.
A critical area of work for H4+ is to tackle the root causes of maternal, newborn and child mortality and morbidity, including gender inequality, low access to education (especially for girls), child marriage and adolescent pregnancy.
The service will give advice on areas such as reproductive health, adolescent pregnancy, inherited diseases, marriage with close relatives, blood incompatibility, sexually transmissible diseases and mental health.
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This should include "safe and effective methods of modern contraception, emergency contraception, prevention programmes for adolescent pregnancy.
In data collected from a cohort study, they assessed whether certain adolescent sexual behaviors linked with unintended consequences such as adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections [STI] are associated with gambling behaviors.
The State of World Population 2013, published by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, highlights the main challenges of adolescent pregnancy and its serious impacts on girls' education, health and long-term employment opportunities.
Offering a new perspective on adolescent pregnancy, "Motherhood in childhood" looks not only at the girls' behaviour as a cause of early pregnancy, but also at the actions of their families, communities and governments.
30 (Petra)-- The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) launched today globally its annual State of World Population Report 2013 entitled "Motherhood in Childhood: Facing the challenge of Adolescent Pregnancy ".
Even with these encouraging trends, however, adolescent pregnancy remains a serious public health concern.
The association between adverse childhood experiences and adolescent pregnancy, long term psychosocial consequences and fetal death.

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