adolescent crisis

ad·o·les·cent cri·sis

the emotional turmoil often accompanying adolescence.

Adolescent Crisis

The constellation of relatively abrupt and profound changes resulting from the physical and emotional rigours of adolescence.

adolescent crisis

Psychology The constellation of relatively abrupt and profound changes that the physical and emotional rigors of adolescence place on their 'victim'. Cf Midlife crisis.
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Teenage boys are slightly different from girls in the way they exhibit their adolescent crisis.
The centre provides abuse victims and their families cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, relation treatment, play therapy, marriage counselling, anger management, adolescent crisis intervention, legal consultations and a child helpline.
Aaron, an adolescent crisis counselor and great-grandmother in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is also an avid reader who enjoys urban fiction along with other genres.
This adolescent crisis forced her to evaluate the eating patterns she'd adopted while abroad and return to the core standards of French cuisine - a balance of fresh, natural produce cooked using traditional recipes.
Both boys expressed their adolescent crisis by opposing the standards and limitations imposed by society.
The symptoms isolated in the IEC factor are interpreted in terms of Erikson's description of the adolescent crisis.
The Child & Adolescent Crisis Program at EMQ FamiliesFirst http://www.

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