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The damsons are still deceptively solid but will no doubt ripen the second I'm not looking and admittedly the pigs are having to help me consume with the copious amounts of apples I have.
Admittedly, it's hard to take some of the characters seriously.
Admittedly, the hair, make-up and fashion ideas may not be appropriate for the office, but it should give true fashionistas some food for thought.
237] Admittedly, this was likely truer in Webb's era than today, but such an approach nevertheless trivializes the significance and inevitability of religious disagreement.
Admittedly, the current environment of higher education, characterized by increasing financial constraints, the increasing call for accountability, the increasing agitation about college tuition, and the increasing expectation for presidents to raise funds from private sources compels university presidents to focus more attention on the business aspects of their institutions.
This collection does not, admittedly, explicitly address the issue of social historical analysis of state activity in clearly-formed states, such as those of the United States and Western Europe over the past half- century, though the concept of governmentality may relate.
The building's defenders have claimed that, even though 2 Columbus Circle is an admittedly odd work of architecture, it should be preserved because of its unique role in New York City's history.
Admittedly the sub-editor in question delivered his daming verdict with the conviction that only 15 pints of lager can bring.
I always felt the book's narration of sometimes admittedly flimsy connections between various cultural epochs and movements that held similar concepts and spirits hinged on the chapter about the Enlightenment, and Gillespie precisely nailed my intentions.
The tragedies of slavery and segregation (and America's admittedly imperfect resolution of these chapters in our history) still haunt us all.
Halper and Clarke should have devoted a little more space to Criticism of how the neocons' doings, admittedly with the stamp of approval by Congress, belittles the harm done to the principles and stature of the United States.