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compliance of the middle ear

a measure of the transmission of mechanical energy through a structure (for example, sound through the middle ear).
Synonym(s): admittance


1. Total opposition to flow. In electricity, when flow is steady, impedance is simply the resistance, for example, the driving pressure per unit flow; when flow is changing, impedance also includes the factors that oppose changes in flow. Thus, deviations of impedance, from simple ohmic resistance because of the effects of capacitance and inductance, become more important in alternating current as the frequency of oscillations increases. In fluid analogies (for example, pulsatile flow of blood, to-and-fro flow of respiratory gas), impedance depends not only on viscous resistance but also on compressibility, compliance, inertance, and the frequency of imposed oscillations.
2. Resistance of an acoustic system to being set in motion.


(ăd-mit′ăns) [L. admittere, to send to, let go]
In electronics, the ratio of the current to the voltage.
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With different admittance parameter functions and combination defined, it becomes difficult to choose and verify for designers.
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The makers of the drama said that Saloum understood the circumstances the drama is going through with Khaled's sudden admittance to hospital and that he, Saloum, needs to join the cast as soon as possible to be able to complete the drama.
Olympus, which plummeted the previous day by the allowable limit of 300 yen, or around 29 percent, on the major camera and medical equipment maker's admittance, further sank 150 yen, or 20.
In this way, obtaining the value of elastic thickness becomes a technical task, under the principle of a methodological application (Admittance analysis), but in the scientific world the debate about the selection of the method to find the Te even continuous open; under this context, two schools of thought can be find: The school that accepts Admittance analysis developed by Dorman and Lewis (Dorman and Lewis, 1970) as the function that shows the better fit between Topography and Gravity functions and argues that Coherence analysis function overestimates the values of Te, and in the same way, the Coherence's school (Forsyth, 1985) argues that Admittance analysis does not take into account of subsurface loads in computes of Te, and for this reason this latest subestimates Te value.
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