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adj that which cannot be admitted into evidence in a legal proceeding under the established rules of law.
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Although it rejected Frye's limits on the admissibility of expert testimony, the Court did not leave in its place a standard-less regime.
The level of deference that may be accorded to states parties in future admissibility proceedings thus remains unclear.
11) The Rome Statute bridges this divide, in part, by including a gravity threshold for admissibility.
This dispute on case admissibility raises the question of whether and under what conditions the ICC should defer a case to domestic courts after an arrest warrant has been issued but before it gained custody over the defendants.
This Note explores the problems with the reliability of firearms identification evidence and the resulting implications for the future of its admissibility in trials, by first describing the history of the use of firearms identification as evidence.
Graduate schools of business use a variety of criteria to assess the admissibility of applicants to their MBA programs.
The admissibility of the blood sample is in dispute.
The suggestion that the admissibility of data messages should be regarded as sui generis in the sense that neither the traditional evidentiary rules applicable to documents nor real evidence should govern it, but a hybrid of the evidential rules applicable to documentary and real evidence, is not supported.
Other titles in the series include "Selected Rules of Limited Admissibility," "Evidentiary Privileges" and "Expert Evidence.
The admissibility of the statement "shall be determined by the court at a pretrial hearing.
Mr Justice Anthony Hart is due to rule on the admissibility of the forensic evidence of US expert Dr Mark Perlin.