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AMP579 Delivery for Myocardial Infarction Reduction. A trial assessing the ability of AMP579, an adenosine agonist, to limit the final size of an infarct
Conclusion Final infarct size was ±10% for treatment and placebo groups; treatment group did marginally better
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I'm a huge admirer of Barca, the model and of Guardiola.
Villa could face competition for McGeady's signature as Zenit St Petersburg are also admirers.
An Admirer Roey showed Laura kooky exercises for firming the chin and shrinking the nose, and a strange thing happened that night.
She builds an online rapport with a student known as Cyrano and after leaving hints for Cyrano about what she will be carrying while at a school basketball game, things heat up even more to include a possible mistaken identity, a secret admirer, and the real possibility that Linda has put herself in danger.
Pope Benedict XVI, an admirer of Newman's thought since his student days, is said to favour furtherance of his cause (The Wanderer, Nov.
Inevitably, Jean falls for her secret admirer and Holly has to conjure the mystery man out of thin air.
He did this, to boot, in a sometimes playful punning style of writing and of thinking--he was a great and early admirer of James Joyce--that violated the protocols of received academic discourse, a transgression that even the Marxists had avoided.
However, the current Soviet "president," Vladimir Putin, is an unabashed admirer of Dzerzhinsky.
Award-winning journalist Cynthia Reynolds and hummingbird admirer and artist Catherine McClung present The Far-Flung Adventures of Homer the Hummer, a delightful picturebook following the adventures of a ruby-throated hummingbird (no bigger than a person's index finger
Tongues started wagging when the artist Lucian Freud unveiled his latest self-portrait, titled The Painter Surprised by a Naked Admirer, in which a naked woman is shown clutching his leg.
Herbert Muschamp, a long-time admirer of Hadid, has suggested that her "emphasis on movement derives from the nomadic traditions of her native Iraq.
The woman received roses from a secret admirer before the pair enjoyed a bubbly champagne treat.