administrative costs

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administrative costs, the overhead expenses incurred in the operation of a dental benefits program, excluding costs of dental services provided.
administrative services only (ASO),
n an arrangement in which a third party, for a fee, processes claims and handles paperwork for a self-funded group. This frequently includes almost all insurance company services, including actuarial services, underwriting, and benefit description, and excluding assumption of risk.
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a premier global consulting and actuarial firm, today announced new research into the administrative costs associated with Medicaid managed care plans.
The Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act of 2009 (HEARTH Act) directed GAO to study the appropriate administrative costs of the U.
While former DCFS Director David Sanders wrote a memo before he left the county last year, estimating that $369 million would be available, some officials now say several factors have cut into the program's funding, including an increase in fees paid to foster-care agencies and a spike in administrative costs.
However, if Congress's only purpose had been to restrict the ability of trusts as ultimate taxpayers to deduct fully their share of the administrative costs of passthrough entities in which they had invested, it could have drafted the second clause of Sec.
While the provision will not apply until 2011, contractors large and small are already publicly fretting about the significant administrative costs and information reporting requirements.
Scott Serota, CEO of the entire Blue Cross and Blue Shield system, which insures more than 94 million Americans, says his administrative costs are less than 10 percent of premiums.
Procurement complexity, lead time, and administrative costs all increase as one ascends the hierarchy; and within the small purchase and contract ranges, complexity, lead time, and administrative costs increase at prescribed cost threshold levels.
After evaluating five different SAN management tools, we selected McDATA SANavigator for several reasons, including the software's ability to manage multi-vendor infrastructures, cut administrative costs and provide customer security.
Streamlining will help to reduce the administrative costs borne by both regulators and the regulated, while increasing the number of insurance products that can be sold to consumers.
Loss of infrastructure due to project funding models and restrictions on administrative costs,
In June each year, the Commission presents the EEA EFTA States with a proposal for administrative costs in the following budget year.
The ABO also absorbed all administrative costs of the program to ensure that every dollar went to help the recipients.

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