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Managed care To direct and manage personnel—e.g., to administer a programme.
Medspeak Give, provide
Therapeutics To apply a substance—by injection, inhalation, ingestion or by other means—to the body of a patient or research subject by either a health practitioner or his authorised agent and under his direction, or by the patient or research subject himself.


Pharmacology verb To apply a substance–by injection, inhalation, ingestion or by other means, to the body of a Pt or research subject by either a health practitioner or his authorized agent and under his direction, or by the Pt or research subject himself. Cf Dispense Medtalk → Vox populi Give.
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If certain government defenses, reflecting real values, are inherently not judicially administrable, it is worth considering whether the judiciary, relative to other governmental institutions, is competent in all cases to weigh the competing values that the establishment clause implicates.
Kent stated, "The addition of an orally administrable botulinum toxin vaccine is consistent with DOR's strategy of developing practical near-term biodefense vaccine products to counter the threat of bio-terrorism.
We are pleased that Halliburton has recognized that Roni's work to make e-filing more administrable also benefits the company.
During the April 26 meeting, the participants discussed general tax issues that hinder the competitiveness of the jurisdiction and how TEI may work with the Singapore authorities, including the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore and the Ministry of Finance, to make the tax laws more administrable.
BlackICE Agent is a remotely administrable corporate laptop, desktop and workstation intrusion protection system, and BlackICE Defender is an intrusion protection system and firewall for personal computers.
10) Moreover, TEI fully supports the Department's efforts to strengthen the integrity of the tax system while ensuring that amendments to the Act are targeted, sustainable, and administrable.
UniSite can scan a single language site and convert it to a multilingual centrally administrable web site -- one that can be managed remotely.
Solomon and his colleagues have listened thoughtfully to our concerns and worked hard to make the tax law more administrable.
The Institute encouraged full conformity with federal rules governing reportable transactions as the best way for States adopting such a regime to ensure it does not overburden taxpayers, remains administrable, promotes uniformity, and is fair.
We, along with federal, state, and local governments, have the most at stake in crafting a tax system that is administrable and efficient.
Because this proposed amendment is neither sound nor administrable, we urge the Commission to avoid including it in any proposed Model Uniform Statute on Reportable Transactions & Inconsistent Filing Positions.
AlphaRx is a specialty pharmaceutical company utilizing proprietary nanoparticulate drug delivery systems to develop novel formulations of drugs that are insoluble or poorly soluble in water or have yet to be administrable to the human body with an acceptable delivery method.

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