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Adjuvant radiotherapy for gastrointestinal stromal tumor of the rectum.
In our series, all cases of malignant parotid tumours after radical surgery received adjuvant radiotherapy.
sup][2] According to this cases report, the treatment of PVNS after TKA included arthroscopic shaving and removal of inflammation tissue or arthroscopic synovectomy plus adjuvant radiotherapy to decrease recurrence or revision arthroplasty if PVNS-induced loosening implant.
Surgery with or without adjuvant radiotherapy is the treatment of choice in SMM.
This is a case report of a rare case of diffuse PVNS of the shoulder that was treated with partial arthroscopic synovectomy and adjuvant radiotherapy.
It has been proven that adjuvant radiotherapy markedly improves LRC in high risk cases i.
The use of adjuvant radiotherapy or chemotherapy is controversial, with some evidence that radiotherapy delays recurrence.
Previous randomized experimental studies have shown that concurrent chemoradiotherapy was superior to single radiotherapy and postoperative adjuvant radiotherapy, but the side effects should not be neglected.
Of the 3 patients who did not receive adjuvant radiotherapy, 1 patient (patient 9) was lost to follow-up shortly after surgery; Social Security data indicated that he died 3.
For early-stage tumors, adjuvant radiotherapy is an effective treatment modality that significantly decreases recurrence, especially in surgically resected groins, and it leads to improvement in relapse-free and overall survival," said Dr.
This should be followed with cardiac procedure, and the rest of the tumor tissue should be marked for adjuvant radiotherapy [3, 11].