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Prof Jarman said: "What I found was the adjusted death rate in England was about 22% higher than the average of all the seven countries that I looked at.
I think it gives a very hard measure of differences of adjusted death rates between the different countries.
The resultant P/Eratio of mortality is then multiplied by the national average death rate to report the adjusted death rate.
The y-axis depicts the adjusted death rates (without multiplying by the average national death rate--a constant term).
Vital statistics for 2007 show an age adjusted death rate for cirrhosis and chronic liver disease of 9.
Sir Brian said: "For the last 10 years there were about four (hospitals) which have had continuously very high adjusted death rates.
Using the logistic regression results, we calculated the difference in adjusted death rates between municipal and voluntary hospitals, the statistical significance of that difference, and the fraction of variance in individual patient outcome (dead or alive) explained by each of the estimated equations.
dagger]) The average annual number of alcohol poisoning deaths in Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, North Dakota, and Vermont was less than seven and therefore, did not meet standards of reliability and precision to calculate age- adjusted death rates.

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