adjusted claim

ad·just·ed claim

(ă-jŭstĕd klām)
Additional payment to a health care provider based on modification of claim reimbursement.
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When an adjustment resulted in a greater expense, auditors said, the state often sought reimbursement at the temporarily higher percentage for the entire adjusted claim, when that higher rate should only have applied to the increased amount over the original claim.
Working with Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, we can create an accurate record of the policies and procedures relied upon by our claims adjusters, enhance claims procedures with rich compliance information, and easily maintain an audit trail of the considerations that were made regarding each adjusted claim.
We define EBITDA per adjusted claim as EBITDA divided by adjusted pharmacy claims.
2) Excluding the impact of RxAmerica, Maintenance Choice[TM], and an increase in litigation reserves, EBITDA per adjusted claim would have been $3.
Adjusted gross profit per adjusted claim was a record $3.
2 million in 2005, while gross profit per adjusted claim increased 35 percent to $2.
EBITDA per adjusted claim, excluding the gain on the settlement, grew to $2.
24 Pharmacy claims: Mail 7,141 5,951 Retail 34,265 22,280 Total 41,406 28,231 Adjusted Claims (Note 4) 55,155 39,725 Supplemental presentation of non-GAAP financial measures: EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) (Note 2) $163,992 $125,992 EBITDA excluding integration and other related expenses (Note 3) $174,402 $125,992 EBITDA per adjusted claim excluding integration and other related expenses (Notes 3 and 4) $3.
The Pharmacy Services segment is projected to see a top-line gain of 8% to 9%, based on total adjusted claims of 1.
It is now updating its prior 2016 total adjusted claims guidance from a range of 1,265m to 1,280m to a range of 1,400m to 1,415m.
8 million; converting 90-day scripts to 30-day equivalents, total adjusted claims increased 19.