adhidaivika (a·dhē·dä·ē·vēˑ·k),

n in Ayurveda, diseases that cannot be explained and that originate from supernatural sources, including curses, planetary influences, and seasonal changes.
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Adhyatmika (Spirituall), Adhibhautika (Physical) and Adhidaivika (Mental).
adhibhautika (empirical), adhidaivika (psychic) and adhyatmika (spiritual).
As envisioned in the model, communication is broader enough to deal with all of the three dimensions of life: adhibhautika (physical or mundane), adhidaivika (mental), and adhyatmika (spiritual).
Though the four goals encompass all of the three dimensions--adhibhautika (physical or mundane), adhidaivika (mental), and adhyatmika (spiritual)--in orthodox Hindu life "[t]he spiritual motive dominates" (Radhakrishnan, 2004a, p.