adhesion test

ad·he·sion test

the diagnostic application of the immune adhesion phenomenon.
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Paint adhesion was measured by the ASTM cross-hatch adhesion test.
Formulating High Performance Coatings with New Adhesion Test Methods"--Yutao Yang, Lubrizol
Adhesion test results on specimens aged 70 hours at 180[degrees]C reveal a trend among the AEM types (figure 6).
Xie, Y, Hawthorne, HM, "Effect of Contact Geometry on the Failure Modes of Thin Coatings in the Scratch Adhesion Test.
Unlike other coatings, the bonded film is said to pass ASTM's 3349-4B adhesion test for plastics.
The H-adhesion and strap-peel adhesion test results are shown in figures 6 and 7, and indicate the use of the resorcinol resin-blocked isocyanate dipping resin increases adhesion to adhesive-activated PET.
Before conducting the adhesion test, the contact image of the pseudobarnacle and the coating was captured by a CCD camera, and the real contact area was calculated by image analysis.
In the experiment, five types of polymer materials (PET, LDPE, PS, HDPE, and PP) were used for the adhesion test.
The adhesion test is performed with specific samples:
14) However, the limitations of all adhesion test methods should be recognized as the strength of several interphases is tested simultaneously.
The co-curable marking ink has been developed to obtain good adhesion test results on a wide variety of rubber compounds used in the manufacture of tires.