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In maize the number of microhairs per unit area of adaxial leaf surface of the youngest leaf almost doubled as salinity increased from zero to 120 mM NaCl, with a 50 % increase in the number of microhairs on the abaxial surface (Ramadan & Flowers, 2004).
Nymphs were mostly found on the adaxial surface rather than on the abaxial surface.
Palisade parenchyma of two- to three-layers thick (deep) occurs on the adaxial side only, and is filled with abundant chloroplasts.
Parametros D30 A30 Raiz Espessura cortex (mm) 0,2a 0,1b Diametro do cilindro central (mm) 0,2a 0,2a Diametro da raiz (mm) 0,4a 0,3b Caule Espessura do cortex (Cx) (mm) 0,9a 1,0a Diametro do cilindro central (CC) (mm) 3,5a 1,8b Diametro do caule 4,4a 2,8b Razao Cx e CC 0,3b 0,6a Numero de feixes de fibras floematicas por campo de observacao (aumento de 50 vezes) 9,3a 6,3b Numero de fibras/feixe 109,5a 62,6b Folha Espessura epiderme adaxial ([micro]m) 16,5a 16,3a Espessura epiderme abaxial ([micro]m) 12,6a 12,8a Espessura parenquima palicadico ([micro]m) 40,6a 38,4a Espessura parenquima lacunoso (Am) 50,7a 50,0a Espessura total folha ([micro]m) 120,4a 117,5a Tabela 4.
Except of adaxial stomata number and Grain number per head, irrigation level was significant in all evaluated attributes.
speciosa, em geral, foi na face adaxial (0,01 A) do que na face abaxial (0,00 B) de folhas localizadas no terco mediano (0,05 A), seguido pela apical (0,01 B) e basal (0,00 B), entre os diferentes acessos e cultivos.
05 Characteristics: RT = Rhizome type, LM = Laminar morphology, LT = Laminar thickness, HY = Hydathodes, IN = Indusium, LD = Laminar dissection, ADLS = Adaxial leaf scale and hair density, ABLS = Abaxial leaf scale and hair density, DV = Venation density, SD = Stomatal density.
two ovules, their micropyles directed towards the cone axis, borne on the adaxial surface of an ovuliferous scale itself in the axil of a bract, to make a compound structure in accordance with Florin's model.
Tetracytic stomata were observed on both adaxial and abaxial surfaces in hybrid and native plants but were more frequent on the adaxial epidermis.
8 x 4 mm, free, entire, green, glabrous or nearly so, the adaxial ones carinate with keels decurrent on the ovary, the abaxial one ecarinate; petals sublinear-spatulate, obtuse to subagute and minutely apiculate, 11-12 x 3 mm, free, erect at anthesis except for the suberect apex, the basal 2/3 greenish and the apical 1/3 white, bearing 2 digitate-lacerate to irregularly scalloped appendages ca.
Para a avaliacao dos tecidos foliares (espessura da nervura central, limbo foliar, epiderme adaxial e abaxial e dos parenquimas palicadico e esponjoso), foram realizados cortes transversais na regiao mediana das folhas obtidos em microtomo, clarificados em solucao de hipoclorito de sodio (1%) por 10 min.
The leaves typically are distichous and may be 3-25 cm long and 2-8 mm wide with a basally pilose adaxial surface and a glabrous to pubescent abaxial surface (Freckmann & Lelong 2003).