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Neurology Alzheimer's Disease Anti-Inflammatory Prevention Trial. A prevention trial which investigated whether inflammation is linked to the neurodegenerative changes of Alzheimer's disease and, if so, whether NSAIDs—e.g., naproxen and celecoxib—provide any benefit
Psychiatry Adolescent Depression Antidepressant and Psychotherapy. A clinical trial that compared healthcare outcomes of treatment with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) plus cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) versus SSRI alone in adolescents with major depression.
Conclusion The SSRI + CBT group was more expensive than the SSRI-only group and no more cost-effective. There was an average decrease in suicidal thoughts and self-harm and no significant increase in disinhibition, irritability and violence compared to baseline
Rheumatology Arthritis, Diet and Activity Promotion Trial. A clinical trial that queried the effect of lifestyle modification on physical function, pain, and disability in obese, sedentary older adults with knee OA
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2005) identified six considerations when designing or adapting career interventions to a new cultural context: (a) sensitivity to the values and belief systems of the individuals who will be served; (b) appreciation for their social expectations about work roles; (c) attention to key decision-making points and transitions in that society; (d) understanding the economic climate in terms of globalization, unemployment, and political stability; (e) regard for the available resources and support from governments and institutions; and (f) design of implementation methods that fit public policy, local practices, and availability of information technology.
DETROIT -- A new system concept that provides unprecedented flexibility for adapting automotive sensor and actuator signals to prototyping platforms will be introduced at the SAE 2005 World Congress April 11 - 14 in Detroit by dSPACE.
InfoGin is providing mobile subscribers with unlimited content by adapting any content (Web and mobile) to any mobile device, through our unique solution, that varies from a fully automatic intelligent conversion engine to professional content editing tools enabling full control over the delivered information.
MobiXtar RMSC is used for transcoding rich media content, adapting it for example to varying screen sizes, colors, memory, processing power or camera quality.
Potential risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to: a) continued customer interest in the use of CHO cells for drug discovery, b) Invitrogen's ability to develop and market the new cell line, media, and related products effectively, c) whether a competitor may develop media that competes with the media Invitrogen has used in adapting the dhfr CHO cells, as well as other risks and uncertainties detailed from time to time in Invitrogen's Securities and Exchange Commission filings.
By adapting validated university coursework to company-specific applications, the Cenquest courses increase the employee's immediate value to the company while increasing employee job satisfaction and retention.
In addition, JMAR manufactures precision measurement, positioning and light-based manufacturing systems for inspection and repair of semiconductors and continues to play an important role in adapting its precision semiconductor manufacturing technology to the fabrication of advanced biomedical and optical communications products.
E-agency, a full-service Web development firm, is now adapting clients' Web sites for handheld wireless devices -- a quickly emerging new service that is expected to come into great demand in 2001.

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