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Neurology Alzheimer's Disease Anti-Inflammatory Prevention Trial. A prevention trial which investigated whether inflammation is linked to the neurodegenerative changes of Alzheimer's disease and, if so, whether NSAIDs—e.g., naproxen and celecoxib—provide any benefit
Psychiatry Adolescent Depression Antidepressant and Psychotherapy. A clinical trial that compared healthcare outcomes of treatment with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) plus cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) versus SSRI alone in adolescents with major depression.
Conclusion The SSRI + CBT group was more expensive than the SSRI-only group and no more cost-effective. There was an average decrease in suicidal thoughts and self-harm and no significant increase in disinhibition, irritability and violence compared to baseline
Rheumatology Arthritis, Diet and Activity Promotion Trial. A clinical trial that queried the effect of lifestyle modification on physical function, pain, and disability in obese, sedentary older adults with knee OA
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Yes, verily, my lords and gentlemen and honourable boards, adapting your Catechism to the occasion, and by God's help so you must.
Pickwick's, he unbent, relaxed, stepped down from his pedestal, and walked upon the ground, benignly adapting his remarks to the comprehension of the herd, and seeming in outward form, if not in spirit, to be one of them.
Learning Under Pressure: In the natural ecosystem, biological species survive by adapting as quickly as the rate of transformation of their predators and the ecosystem.
While adapting to market changes, a company must maintain its focus to succeed long term.
Nope, he quibbled with the idea of adapting the novel as a stage musical.
Adapting novels to the big screen is not a new thing.
Out of Sight'' was Frank's second crack at adapting Elmore Leonard; he had written the screenplay for ``Get Shorty'' three years earlier.
Using basic programming skills and his familiarity with the database, Bremer spent 4 days developing cost rates and 30 hr modifying and adapting his out-of-date database into a modern costing and quotation system.
So all in all, although adapting to PPS will be a complicated process, I think everyone needs to recognize that PPS is not all bad news.
expenditures adapting property to a new or different use, or expenditures incurred as part of an overall plan of rehabilitation that results in the creation of a new asset) can be addressed by stating that such limitations will continue to apply and will preclude current deductions for asbestos abatement expenditures in certain cases.
Notwithstanding, this 'unique,' ethnic minority endured resiliently, both adapting and surviving--creating an ethnic community that is stable with functioning social institutions, such as the family, religion and elements of culture, intact.

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