acute pharyngitis

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acute pharyngitis

acute pharyngitis

Inflammation of the pharynx with pain in the throat.


Symptoms include malaise, fever, dysphagia, throat pain, and difficulty swallowing.

Patient care

Comfort measures for sore throat include gargling (e.g., with salty water), throat lozenges, or OTC topical anesthetics. Many patients benefit from rest, hydration, and analgesics. An appropriate antibiotic (if prescribed) is given when there is evidence of bacterial infection.

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At the moment, numerous pharmaceutical products that contain disinfectants, anti-inflammatory agents, and/or topical anesthetics are being prescribed for the local treatment of acute pharyngitis.
We believe that chlorhexidine/ benzydamine mouth spray may prove to become a good addition to the standard treatment armamentarium for acute pharyngitis if our findings are borne out in further research.
For example, adjusted ORs for the likelihood that a PA/NP attended a visit for acute pharyngitis increased from 1.
The two exceptions to this are otitis media and acute pharyngitis, because these conditions rarely precipitate a hospital stay.
Ambulatory care for treatment of acute pharyngitis was 5 percent more expensive; urinary tract infection was 7 percent more expensive; and essential hypertension was actually 6 percent less expensive.
We determined the emm type for 4,635 GAS isolates that were causing acute pharyngitis in the province of Ontario during 2002-2010.
The Infectious Diseases Society of America, the American Heart Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend antibiotic treatment of acute pharyngitis only for those patients with positive GABHS cultures.
Although chronic sore throat is a more common presentation of oropharyngeal or hypopharyngeal cancers than acute sore throat, thorough visualization of the upper airway is recommended when acute pharyngitis symptoms persist beyond 2 weeks, especially in adult smokers.
M proteins of group C streptococci isolated from patients with acute pharyngitis.
The first sign of Lemierre's syndrome is usually a persistent fever, followed by acute pharyngitis and then sepsis.
In a prospective study of acute pharyngitis in Italian children, 69 (38.