acute laryngitis

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acute laryngitis

Inflammation of the laryngeal mucosa and the vocal cords; acute congestive laryngitis. It is characterized by hoarseness and aphonia and occasionally pain on phonation and deglutition. It may be caused by improper use or overuse of the voice, exposure to cold and wet, infections in nose and throat, inhalation of irritating vapors and dust, or systemic diseases such as whooping cough or measles.


Treatment includes vocal rest, liquid or soft diet, steam inhalations, and codeine or nonnarcotic cough suppressants for pain and cough. If the laryngitis is viral, no specific therapy exists; if bacterial, appropriate antibiotics should be given.

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A "FIT and healthy" father of one died suddenly from acute laryngitis - despite thinking he was on the mend from a simple sore throat, an inquest has heard.
Rock legend Meat Loaf was forced to pull out of his planned concert at Birmingham NEC last night, due to acute laryngitis.
The Bat Out of Hell singer was due to perform in front of thousands but pulled out after suffering from acute laryngitis.
6] He wrote that Washington's final illness had been acute laryngitis, in which inflammation had extended beyond the mucous membrane of the larynx to the surrounding tissues.
A spokesman insisted: "Two of the girls have acute laryngitis so the shows were cancelled.
Strobovideolaryngoscopy revealed acute laryngitis with erythema and edema of both vocal folds, copious thick secretions, and slight irregularities in both vocal fold edges (figure).

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