acute illness

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acute illness

any illness characterized by signs and symptoms of rapid onset and short duration. It may be severe and impair normal functioning.

Acute Illness

(1) Any illness that develops quickly, is intense or severe and lasts a relatively short period of time.
(2) Any condition—e.g., infection, trauma, fracture—with a short (often less than 1 month) clinical course. Acute illnesses usually respond to therapy; a return to a state of complete—pre-morbid—health is the norm.
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A lack of investment in new antibiotics for acute illness due to a preference to invest in new, more profitable, medication for chronic conditions means an increasing number of people die needlessly from infections exacerbated by bacterial resistance.
First reported in the 1960s by Dr Tomisaku Kawasaki of Japan, Kawasaki syndrome is an acute illness that affects almost every system in the body and one that is becoming increasingly common in Western countries.
Food poisoning is an acute illness that occurs when bacteria, viruses or other germs are absorbed by food substances consumed by people," Dr Alessai explained, adding that bacterial growth in food is likely to occur when food is not kept cold enough.
In the case of an acute illness, avoid all types of exercise.
The disease causes an acute illness of sudden onset that usually follows symptoms such as headache, fever, exhaustion, muscle pain, swollen glands, vomiting and rash.
He said that while his research team did not study other kinds of inflammatory disorders, "the same benefits of psychological stress should accrue in any acute illness or injury.
The acute illness is accompanied by a high fever, weakness, swelling of the lower legs and abdomen, irregular heartbeat and a weak pulse.
Hospitalization for acute illness was estimated at $252.
Treatment: Trained response to emergencies and acute illness.
Terence, who is cycling with Chris Hancock, acute illness specialist at NHS Wales, will arrive at Westminster tomorrow where he will meet up with a group that has cycled 400 miles from the Scottish Parliament.
NHL will serve and support public health programmes with the aim of prioritising population-based disease control efforts, compared to the individual patient-level testing performed in traditional acute Pathology laboratories, which are focused on acute illness or the monitoring of chronic disease.
The best candidates for Sacred Heart's ACE program are elderly people who have an acute illness that requires hospitalization, but who are not expected to require surgery or evaluation by a specialist.

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