acute glaucoma

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an·gle-·clo·sure glau·co·ma

primary glaucoma in which contact of the iris with the peripheral cornea excludes aqueous humor from the trabecular drainage meshwork.

acute glaucoma

See glaucoma.
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In acute glaucoma, the iris bulges forwards and closes the drainage angle so the fluid is trapped within the eye.
on y The most common type of iridectomy is usually done to treat acute glaucoma, where the pressure in the eyeball is too high.
Anyone with acute glaucoma usually gets fast treatment to relieve it - which means drops in the eye and often emergency surgery.
A painful red eye with blurred vision or halos around lights, especially at night or in the dark, is an early sign of acute glaucoma and raised pressure in your eyeball.
2 Acute glaucoma, caused by a build up of eye pressure, which damages the optic nerve and your sight.
Acute glaucoma where pressure can suddenly build up in the eyeball.
Dear Dr Miriam "My dad got a painful red eye recently and was told he had acute glaucoma.
However, acute glaucoma, which is less common, develops rapidly and can lead to drastic sight loss.
Being short-sighted increases the risk of developing acute glaucoma.
i) Blackburn's Robbie Savage, pictured, to be hospitalised with an in-growing toe-nail and the relevant surgeon to be a clumsy fan of his former club, Birmingham City, who suffers acute glaucoma.

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