acute delirium

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a·cute de·lir·i·um

delirium of recent, rapid onset.

acute delirium

an episode of acute organic reaction that is sudden, severe, and transient. Constitutes a medical emergency. See also delirium.

acute delirium

Delirium that develops suddenly.
See also: delirium

a·cute de·li·ri·um

(ă-kyūt dĕ-lirē-ŭm)
Delirium of recent, rapid onset.
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One of these is acute delirium, which is correlated with lack of sleep, and is itself associated with increased infection and injury.
3] receptors in acute delirium, there is no consensus on their effects (7-9).
She was "just the patient I need," I muttered to myself as I drove away from the emergency room after admitting Joanna, a middle-aged alcoholic female in acute delirium tremens.
Patients who have suffered and recovered from acute delirium describe the experience as producing intense fear and causing them to become unaware of reality or sanity.

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