activity tolerance

activity tolerance1

the type and amount of exercise a patient may be able to perform without undue exertion or possible injury.

activity tolerance2

a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as physiological response to energy-consuming movements with daily activities. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.
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is is a pilot programme to provide cancer patients with an exercise program designed to decrease fatigue, increase activity tolerance and improve quality of life," she added.
Decisions for progression were based on changes in assistance required, status indicators such as Hb levels and pain, and activity tolerance.
Low activity tolerance weighed heavily in the final discharge recommendation.
We hypothesized that an exercise prescription favoring anaerobic metabolism would reduce the patient's musculoskeletal symptoms and increase functional activity tolerance.
sustains symptoms by decreasing activity tolerance and increasing sensitivity to somatic sensations (Fischler et al.
Impairments in cardiorespiratory endurance will affect activity tolerance, rehabilitation participation, and patient function.
One concern which impacts the success of people with severe disabilities in managing a full-time, competitive work schedule is the activity tolerance levels of these workers.
Apply exercise testing principles to assess the activity tolerance in patients commonly seen by physical therapists.

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