active surveillance

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Active Surveillance

Epidemiology Surveillance in which extra measures are taken to collect data and confirm diagnoses to ensure more complete reports for surveys and outbreak investigations. Active surveillance encompasses formal and informal communications.
Oncology Active waiting An approach to managing early prostate cancer (PC), which affords a window on its natural history, and is an ideal setting for identifying and evaluating biomarkers of PC behaviour. It is essentially watchful waiting with a protocol of serial digital rectal exams, measurement of PSA levels and re-biopsy at intervals.

active surveillance

Monitoring the health of a community by a public health agency that requests reports about specific diseases or conditions.
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keeping a watch over.

active surveillance
sampling, including necropsy examination, of clinically normal samples of the population; important in the surveillance of diseases in which subclinical cases and carriers predominate.
epidemiological surveillance
watching over a population and recording data likely to have epidemiological significance, usually with the aim of early detection of disease. Essentially an interventionist exercise compared with monitoring, which is passive.
passive surveillance
examination of only clinically affected cases of specified diseases in the population.
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The expansion of active surveillance during the past decade and the sharing of institutional data sets will likely help delineate factors associated with varying outcomes and will allow patients to play a greater role in selecting the strategy that best suits their individual preferences," wrote Dr.
Methods for monitoring trends in the incidence of foodborne diseases: Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network 1996-2008.
The Oncotype DX prostate cancer test identifies which clinically low-risk patients are eligible for active surveillance, as well as those who may benefit from immediate treatment by predicting disease aggressiveness.
Eight non-comparative studies of low-risk patients undergoing active surveillance reported prostate cancer survival rates of 100% (5-12) and another two non-comparative studies reported high prostate cancer survival rates of 97%13 and 98%, respectively.
The relationship between prostate specific antigen change and biopsy progression in patients on active surveillance for prostate cancer.
Vohra is also undergoing active surveillance but it was not easy for him to arrive at this decision.
Of that initial pool of men electing active surveillance of their cancer, 43 eventually chose treatment or had evidence of cancer progression prompting recommendation of treatment by their physician.
Legislative mandates for use of active surveillance cultures to screen for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and vancomycin-resistant enterococci: Position statement from the Joint SHEA and API C Task Force.
Rather, it demonstrates that active surveillance is picking up the one-in-a-million case.
Most of the cases are turning up as a result of the more active surveillance programme which hadn't been in place before.
We're starting to do active surveillance and taking blood samples.