active recovery

ac·tive re·cov·er·y

(ak'tiv rĕ-kŭv'ĕr-ē)
Exercising with gradually diminishing intensity immediately after a bout of vigorous exercise; facilitates lactate and metabolic waste removal by maintaining blood flow in muscles during recovery.
Synonym(s): active cool-down, tapering-off.
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In addition to the Rainhill Centre, RHC also runs The Farndon Unit, in Newark, Nottinghamshire, which provides low-secure mental health services, including accommodation, treatment and active recovery, for female patients detained under the Mental Health Act, who because of the level of risk or challenge they present, cannot be treated in open mental healthcare settings.
There are 14 Runwell Ambassadors around the country that help engage & coach others to foster a healthy and active lifestyle, providing a continuum of care for those in active recovery, and an exuberant social network for anyone passionate about supporting recovery from the disease of addiction.
In addition to enhancing flexibility and range of movement, Power Plate provides active recovery by stimulating a circulatory response that removes the metabolic by-products of exercise, drives more oxygen into the muscle tissues and aids lymphatic drainage.
Each workout incorporates dynamic strength and cardiovascular training with active recovery techniques targeting all major muscle groups.
Although a healthy person will not desaturate to the point of cyanosis (turning blue) even with rigorous training, we were able to see O2 saturation fluctuations in response to warm-up, intense activity, active recovery, hyperventilation, breath holding, and super-intense activity.
And Borowski recommends yoga as a form of active recovery from hard training and racing, aiding in preventing injuries that could keep a runner off the roads or trails for six months or more.
Then he played a second game on the Wednesday, recovered Thursday, and on the Friday, that would be an active recovery for us.
When we had Luis Suarez here on an active recovery second day he would have needed to do some extra work and that made him available and we were happy with that.
For example, Luis Suarez on an active recovery second day would have needed to do some extra work, that made him available and we were happy with that.
Result of the research is consistent with Gaieni et al, comparing two programs of come back to initial condition on changes of blood lactic originate from activity shows that active recovery program need more time and intensity in order to optimal exertion of lactic.
Active recovery trials at low intensities cleared lactate slower than trials at higher intensities up to 100% of lactate threshold (Menzies et al.
Before anti-gravity treadmills, load tended to be all or nothing: now there are ways to fine-tune what a patient bears for the best possible scenario of rest and active recovery.
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