active ingredient

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Active Ingredient

Any component that provides pharmacological activity or other direct effect in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, or affects the structure or any function of the body of man or animals.

ac·tive in·gre·di·ent

(ak'tiv in-grē'dē-ĕnt)
Any component of a pharmaceutical product that exerts pharmacologic activity.
Synonym(s): active pharmaceutical ingredient.

active ingredient

the chemically active part of a manufactured product such as a HERBICIDE, the remainder being inert.
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We are committed to making our company a top player in the field of active ingredients," said Ernesto Horikoshi, global head of active ingredients.
Tissues from the Ephedra sinica plant, like ginkgo, contain at least five purported active ingredients, which are in the chemical family named alkaloids.
New derivative: Achemical derived from an active ingredient already marketed (a "parent" drug).
But the active ingredients in some herbal supplements are very powerful indeed.
Both Pharmanex and the university said they hope legitimate research on nutritional supplements, particularly on herbs, will encourage consistency among manufacturers on issues such as dosing, purity and active ingredient levels.
Microencapsulation, the process of coating small particles of a solid or liquid active ingredient in a thin and uniform shell, can be done for any of several reasons.
supply of plant protection products with a minimum content of the active substance as follows: tps "voden-iri hisar": active ingredient l / kg; 720 g / l of dimethenamid-n 500; 330 g / l pendimethalin 1000; 40 g / l imazamox 450; 960 g / l s-metolachlor 20; 44 g / l of thrombotrione + 22 g / l of antidote (isoxadent-ethyl) 400; 62.
The new product uses potassium salt to increase the concentration of an active ingredient, glyphosate acid.
Indeed, scientific problems do exist in the registration of pesticides today, when chronic toxicity tests are conducted with the active ingredient alone--which is generally the case.
in which DuPont will purchase dimethenamid, the active ingredient in BASF's Frontier corn herbicide, and BASF will purchase nicosulfron, the active ingredient in DuPont's Accent herbicide.
The active ingredient is a bacteriostat said to be compatible with antistats, fillers, pigments, optical brighteners, and uv absorbers.