activation analysis

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ac·ti·va·tion a·nal·y·sis

the identification and quantification of unknown elements from their characteristic emissions and decay constants after they have been made radioactive by exposure to neutron or charged particle radiation.

neutron activation analysis

A method for identifying and measuring the concentrations of the chemical elements in a large and complex sample of material.

A sample is rendered radioactive by bombarding it with neutrons, charged particles or gamma rays, making the nuclei of the different elements unstable and radioactive, and putting them in a higher energy state. Each of the now-radioactive isotopes in the sample gives off a characteristic signature (e.g., alpha particles, gamma rays), which indicates the type and concentration of the elements in the sample.


the process of activating.

activation analysis
a method of analyzing the content of elements in samples of biological material. The sample is bombarded with nuclear particles and the elements in it measured by the radiation emitted by their radioactive daughter products. Called also radioactivation analysis.
activation energy
the difference in energy between the ground state of the reactants in a reaction and the point of maximum energy or transition state of the reactions. Usually lowered by enzyme catalysts.
activation factor
activation unit
the combination of complement (C4, C2 and C3) that binds to the antigen-antibody complex in the initial reaction step in the classical pathway of complement activation. See also complement.
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The contents were estimated using Neutron Activation Analysis.
Neutron Activation Analysis was used because of its accuracy in measuring low elemental concentrations in samples with low total masses.
The 32 year old research reactor is used for Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA), a method for determining which chemical elements comprise a material by bombarding the material with neutrons.
The book offers an in-depth look at the physics of IEC, its prospects for generating electric power, and its other commercial applications such as Neutron Activation Analysis.
The workshop also covered methods of nuclear analysis including fluorescent and particle-induced X-ray, using the electron microscope, neutron activation analysis, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, Carbon-14 radiocarbon dating, thermal radiation, and also nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.
1; technical reports; the results of neutron activation analysis of Mycenaean pottery
Toenail samples were taken from all ten toes and were measured for Se content using neutron activation analysis.
He said these research reactors could be used for education and training, neutron activation analysis, radioisotope production and neutron radiography.
This latest software offering provides cement manufacturers with a fully automatic means of continuously comparing the analysis values from an online prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) analyzer with laboratory x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyses, ensuring unparalleled online accuracy and consistent and reliable calibrations.
student and the "prompt neutron activation analysis facility Joshua built for his thesis work .