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We showed CatSper channel inhibition affects sperm motility, acrosome reaction, and sperm viability in stimulated and unstimulated conditions.
A recent study reported that ubiquinol cytochrome c reductase regulates tyrosine phosphorylation during capacitation and the acrosome reaction in boar spermatozoa [112].
Effects of pentoxifylline treatment before freezing on motility, viability and acrosome status of poor quality human spermatozoa cryopreserved by the liquid nitrogen vapor method.
Analogous to mammalian spermatozoa, oyster sperm cells have an acrosome (Paniagua-Chavez et al.
reported that spermatozoon ROS content directly influences the levels and locations of tyrosine phosphorylation and then enables the spermatozoa to undergo acrosome reaction [14].
Spermiogenesis in fish is similar to that of mammals except that spermatozoa can differentiate from haploid germ cells released into the tubular lumen and do not develop a proper acrosome (Lahnsteiner and Patzner, 2008; Schulz et al.
It is noteworthy that TCD is negatively correlated with the membrane structural integrity and acrosome integrity, but positively correlated with the membrane functional integrity.
Viability and Acrosome staining of Bull, Boar and Rabbit spermatozoa.
2010), or to taxonomically differentiate species of the genus Bathypolipus (Cephalopoda) (Grimpe, 1921), using and comparing features of the acrosome (Roura et al.