acid sulfate

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A salt containing HSO4-.
Synonym(s): acid sulfate

acid sulphate

Hydrogen sulphate; a salt of sulphuric acid containing HSO4.

ac·id sul·fate

(as'id sŭl'fāt)
Synonym(s): bisulfate, acid sulphate.
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3-h activation of the acid sulfate soil had a positive flux of 0.
With little room for area expansion, improving the fertility of marginal soils (such as acid sulfate soils) is one of the ways to increase rice production worldwide.
Acid sulfate wall-rock alteration characterized by the assemblage alunite + kaolinite + quartz + pyrite results from leaching of fluids rich in [H.
More recently, Lakes Wombah, Thorlindah, Wyara, and Numalla, as well as many smaller wetlands, have been further investigated for inland acid sulfate soil potential (Murray-Darling Basin Authority, unpubl, data).
KEY WORDS: estuarine acidification, Saccostrea glomerata, acid sulfate soil, filtration rate, histopathology, iron accumulation
He attempts to engage the phenomenon of acid sulfate soils within various contexts, in order to describe and manage its impacts.
Acid sulfate soils (ASS) are soils or sediments that contain oxidisable or partly oxidised sulfide minerals (van Breemen 1988).
Their efforts revealed that malic acid, citric acid and a combination of sodium acid sulfate, citric acid and sodium erythorbate are better acidulants for inhibiting color change as well as the growth of spoilage bacteria, yeast and mold than is sodium acid pyrophosphate, the industry standard.
Acid sulfate soils (ASS) are soils in which sulfuric acid may be produced, is being produced, or has been produced in amounts that have a lasting effect on main soil characteristics (Pons 1973).
ABSTRACT Estuarine acidification caused by outflows from acid sulfate soils (ASS), impacts many estuaries in eastern Australia.