acid reflux

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acid reflux


acid reflux

The cause of the symptom of HEARTBURN. The stomach is protected against strong ACID, but the gullet (OESOPHAGUS) is not. So when acid regurgitates upwards into the oesophagus, there is a burning pain in the centre of the lower part of the chest. Acid reflux commonly occurs in HIATUS HERNIA.

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Q. Baby with Gastro esophageal Reflux... I have a baby with Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease, should I worry that she will have autism? I want to clarify my doubt to be more overcautious. Kindly guide me!

Q. how do you deal with a mild case of acid reflux

A. You can start with life style changes: if you have symptoms during the night, you can try to elevate the head of your bed. You can try to avoid foods that induce reflux: fatty foods, chocolate, peppermint, and excessive alcohol. Cola, red wine, and orange juice are very acidic, so it would be wise to avoid them too, In addition to these, you can try to use a diary to reveal which kind of food causes symptoms and avoid it.

Try to refrain from lying down immediately after a meal, or eating just before bedtime. Overweight is a risk factor for reflux, so if it's relevant weight reduction is also recommended.

If you feel heartburn, you may chew in order to increase salivation and thus alleviate the symptoms. Smoking has a negative effect on salivation, so smoking cessation is also recommended.

And that's before we even mentioned OTC drugs...

Q. is there anything to cure G.E.R.D. instead of taking pills daily?

A. there is no known way to "cure" but it can be manageable. there's a somewhat new procedure -An endoscope. Using this scope, doctors can treat the lower part of the esophagus to improve how it works. These nonsurgical procedures are somewhat new. There is not enough scientific evidence yet to talk about how well they work.
here is a nice tutorial about it:

and of course you can avoid some types of food and habits (sorry...long and tasty list...):

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Although bloating and indigestion can be attributed to overeating and/or eating the wrong foods during the holidays, these symptoms could also have nothing to do with the holidays and may be due to more serious conditions such as significant acid reflux disease; stomach ulcers; pancreatic, liver or gall bladder dysfunction.
Dr Ahmad Munzer Alwaa, Senior Consultant and head of the ENT department at UHS, said many children visiting UHS suffer from acid reflux as a result of eating spicy and fatty foods from fast food eateries.
Although common causes for a sore throat are viral infections resulting in coughs or colds, and drinking very cold water in hot temperatures, acid reflux is is also a reason.
Further research is needed, but this finding suggests that patients with acid reflux complicated by Barrett's esophagus may be able to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, their risk of esophageal cancer through daily or twice-daily doses of PPI," Cao said.
Taking it a step further, the Bump Nest[TM] Relief System adds a gentle incline that eases acid reflux while addressing general discomfort and even helps with shortness of breath.
Subhnana Haider supplementing her senior colleague said certain foods and dietary habits have been found to directly and indirectly promote the aggravation of acid reflux.
Fatty meat, fried dishes, spicy and gas-producing foods, legumes and creamy sauces promote indigestion, acid reflux and gas.
However, some people develop acid reflux for no known reason while others have a problem with the muscle at the bottom of their oesophagus.
FenuLife is shown to simultaneously reduce both frequency and severity of acid reflux and heartburn.
To reduce acid reflux, take acidreducing drugs as prescribed, maintain a healthy diet, eat smaller, more frequent meals, and avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes around the waist.
Despite being young and fit, Tim's complaints of chest pains to his CF doctor were met with hasty treatment, and a prescription for acid reflux.
and tested successfully on patients during a clinical trial at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the device holds the promise of being a less invasive method for testing those suspected of having Barrett's esophagus, a change in the lining of the esophagus due to acid reflux.