acid poisoning

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acid poisoning

a toxic condition caused by the ingestion of a toxic acid agent such as hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric, or sulfuric acid, some of which are ingredients in common household cleaning compounds. Compare alkali poisoning.

acid poisoning

Poisoning caused by ingestion of a toxic acid.

First Aid

Dilute with large volumes of water. Give demulcents and morphine for pain. Treat as a chemical burn.


The use of emetics and stomach tubes is contraindicated.
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In collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's CoastWatch program, they plan to develop products for coastal managers such as charts of conditions that raise the risk of domoic acid poisoning of shellfish.
There are no known cases of whales dying from domoic acid poisoning on the West Coast, although they do eat some things that could be contaminated, officials said.
Officials took a sample from the dead whale to be tested for domoic acid poisoning, but even if a whale has been exposed to the acid, the toxin probably wouldn't kill it, authorities said.
Human toxicology of boron with special reference to boric acid poisoning.
Ventura County is where the majority of animals are coming up right now with domoic acid poisoning.