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In such a scenario, longer duration of achlorhydria, for example lasting six months but not two months, could prolong (or perhaps cause) iron deficiency.
Achlorhydria is an important cause of hypergastrinemia, which can subsequently lead to the development of GI carcinoid tumors.
Although proton pump inhibitors can cause profound achlorhydria, studies in iron-replete individuals have not shown a higher incidence of iron deficiency anemia.
Phase II products with novel mechanisms of action seem to be more promising in targeting areas such as relieving nighttime symptoms, achlorhydria (absent acid secretion), providing symptomatic relief to GERD patients inadequately responding to PPIs and importantly, addressing the cause of the disease.
As she was planning to try to have at least one child, I recommended she take extra calcium, magnesium, and other minerals, as minerals are especially poorly absorbed by those suffering from achlorhydria.
The clinical picture has been referred to as VIPoma syndrome; Verner-Morrison syndrome; and watery diarrhea, hypokalemia, and achlorhydria (WDHA) syndrome.
Increased susceptibility to shigellosis among HIV-infected persons could be mediated through different mechanisms, including compromised cell-mediated immunity or achlorhydria.
Treating hypochlorhydria or achlorhydria if present is also essential for these patients.