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A dull continuous pain.
[O.E. acan, to ache]
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John Richard Noonan's story is by now achingly familiar: A gifted young man tests positive for the AIDS virus and begins the relentless walk toward death.
Up to now, the only Internet access available to the residents of the Veterans Home was through an achingly slow dial-up connection in the library.
Listening to classical guitarist Matthew Ardizzone's take on Agustin Barrios' "Julia Florida,'' it's hard not to lose yourself in the achingly beautiful music.
0-litre is not achingly slow and it can even handle longer journeys with reasonable ease.
Never overstated, it's achingly cool in a very typically Gallic way without ever seeming forced or stereotyped.
Charting his life from an achingly dull childhood in Leicestershire to his student days at Cambridge and superstardom with the Pythons in the 70s, Chapman's is a life story every bit as bizarre as the surreal animation used to illustrate the film.
The band's signature catchy signature duelling guitars, pounding drums and Matthew Davies' blisteringly powerful, yet achingly vulnerable, vocals linger long.
A film that's achingly relevant to today's era of mass migration, the denouement also cleverly shows how old people become marginalised by societies which forget their contribution.
And while viewers new to this collection might find Richard Gere's achingly earnest introduction to be a bit dated, the music and the videos--the reissue is being released as a twin CDDVD pack--remain fresh, vital, and exciting.
A standout was the live, achingly poetic recital that Althea Thauberger coaxed from a choir of soldiers' wives left behind at a local army base (Murphy Canyon Choir).
Each mini-movie is visually composed with the most achingly exquisite artistry and care.
The Longest Yard is undemanding and achingly predictable but plays to its limited strengths, including bone-crunching action sequences.