achievement motive

a·chieve·ment mo·tive

an acquired, chronic need to succeed in the face of recognizable obstacles; its strength is usually diagnosed from recurring themes in stories told by the patient while taking a thematic apperception test or from other assessment instruments used by clinical psychologists.
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Hornaday and Bunker (1970) also supported the McClelland's view considering achievement motive as an explanatory variable for entrepreneurial behavior.
Achievement motive and entrepreneurial orientation: A structural analysis.
The extreme high control could lead to further degradation of achievement motive.
One problem with training managers to function at the altruistic level is that the achievement motive seems to be necessary for high job performance and attaining promotions.
The study, conducted by a team from Hay Group's McClelland Center for Research and Innovation and first reported in this month's Harvard Business Review, shows that the achievement motive - the innate drive to continually improve performance or meet or exceed a standard of excellence - has risen sharply among executives over the past decade.
Achievement Motive Competition to compete with others, to see how high I can place, to get a faster time than my friends, to beat someone I've never beaten before Personal Goal Achievement to improve my running speed, to complete with myself, to push myself, to beat a certain time, to run faster IV.
For example, Atkinson (1964, 1974) and others (Heckhausen, 1967: Hetherington & Park, 1993; Weiner, 1980) suggest that the achievement motive develops throughout early childhood and wanes in old age.
The achievement motives category is made up of motivations driven by: competition and personal goal achievement.
Achievement related motives and behavior, from Achievement and achievement motives.
Do achievement motives change throughout the lifespan?
Finally, achievement motives for marathon running include competition with other runners, and personal goal achievement.