acetyl group

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a·ce·tyl group

(asĕ-til grūp)
An acetic acid molecule from which the hydroxyl group has been removed.
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In this case, to improve adsorption properties of MARs, MAR (LZ-0) with poly(styrene-divinyl benzene) as matrix was functionalized with chloromethyl, amino and acetyl groups using the novel method.
The higher the percentage of acetyl groups on the starch, the higher the percentage swelling observed.
HATs and HDACs continuously add and remove acetyl groups to specific lysine residues in the termini of the core histones and generate a dynamic steady-state level of acetylation (33,34).
Since some hydroxyl sites are esterified with acetyl groups, there are fewer primary sites to which water sorbs.
The acetyl group at position C-25 appears to be important for the growth inhibitory activity of the triterpene glycoside compound [d.
Snapping acetyl groups onto the tails of some of the histone proteins, for example, helps loosen the connection between DNA and histones, making genes more accessible to transcription factors.
The enzyme Sir2, which removes the acetyl group, also controls the enzyme.
health food stores currently sell carnitine lacking an acetyl group as a general nutritional supplement.
In this pathway, an acetyl group is added to a foreign chemical as part of the process of degradation.
Acetyl groups are naturally present in all wood species, which means that nothing toxic is added.
They include the attachment of molecules, such as methyl groups or acetyl groups, to one of the histone proteins around which DNA winds in cells.
CREBBP and EP300 are histone acetyltranferase (HAT) genes that function as epigenetic "writers" by adding acetyl groups to key histone and non-histone proteins, while HDACs have an opposing function as epigenetic "erasers" by removing acetyl groups.