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v. accommo·dated, accommo·dating, accommo·dates
a. To have enough space for: a parking lot big enough to accommodate buses.
b. To provide lodging for: We looked for a hotel to accommodate the extra guests.
2. To take into consideration or make adjustments for; allow for: an economic proposal that accommodates the interests of senior citizens.
a. To do a favor or service for; oblige.
b. To provide for; supply with something needed: accommodated the expedition with supplies.
4. To make suitable; adapt or adjust: accommodated herself to her new surroundings.
1. To adapt oneself; become adjusted: It is never easy to accommodate to social change.
2. Physiology To become adjusted, as the eye to focusing on objects at a distance.

ac·com′mo·da′tive adj.
ac·com′mo·da′tor n.

Patient discussion about accommodate

Q. My mind is getting confused now and i am losing on my focus. why is this change happening in me? I am a bipolar for the past 1 year. With the help of the medicines my episodes has come down. My mood is good and stable. Even my friends say that I am well as compared to previous years. But since last week I am not able to sleep well. My disrupted and reduced sleep is making me stressed. I just get 2-3 hours of sleep at night. After my lunch my tiredness starts again. My mind is getting confused now and I am losing on my focus. Why is this change happening in me?

A. There are some possibilities that you are not taking your diet in time or your diet may not be nutritious as per your requirements. This can cause you to have increased stress and you can lose your sleep. This may increase the tiredness. Check if you are taking your medicines in right time. This can also be due to your stress. You may have stress due to your lifestyle too, which needs to be well managed in a healthy way. You can meet your doctor, as any increase in stress due to sleep deprivation can raise the chances of episodes to return back.

Q. Is there a verity of exercises i can do with my child that would be helpful for him to be more focused and relaxed and by that help him to control the ADHD effects ?

A. from our experience - any activity is a good activity...if he feels hyperactive during homework or studying, going out and running around the block will be enough for him. if he can't do that, doing push ups, situps, and even jumping in one place can help- although i must say it is irritating as hell... try practicing also breathing techniques in order to relax.

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By accommodating tenants' distinctive space needs or other requests, an owner can avoid tenant relocations and instead strike lease expansions and long term renewals on a continual basis.
The premise of computer assistive technology relies on processes of accommodating an individual with an alternative keyboard, mouse, or other input device that is similar to the general input components of a computer.
The Code, therefore, places a duty on employers to ensure that their workplaces are free from discrimination by accommodating those employees who suffer from a disability, to the point of undue hardship.
The university was very accommodating in terms of setting up the kitchen,'' said certified kosher chef Joel Weinberger, who is the one-man team that supervises the kosher facilities.
The stations feature accommodating tibia pads (ATP) on leg extension, and seated and prone leg curl, which eliminate manual changing of limb length adjustment.
The court defined "undue hardship" as "any act that would require an employer to bear greater than a de minimis cost in accommodating an employee's religious beliefs.
For reporters and many members of the public, ADA is about accommodating these people, on the job, on the bus and in other public places.
The Synchrony[R] dual optic accommodating intraocular lens (IOL) from Visiogen, Inc.
The 100,000 s/f complex encompasses a maintenance hangar capable of accommodating three A320 aircraft and a two-story office facility that accommodates more than 250 airline employees.
As much as schools want to be gender sensitive and accommodating, right now many are Limited by a shortage of dorms and a tack of funds to build more.
Other issues the candidates have brought to the table have centered on curriculum, technology, class-size reduction, teachers training and accommodating growth.
Expansion of Trial Will Allow Researchers to Further Validate Safety and Effectiveness of the Investigational Synchrony[R] Dual Optic Accommodating IntraocularLens