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a prepared account of an event, investigation, or evaluation, usually for formal presentation to an authority or group.
accident report incident report.
case report a narrative in the professional literature that identifies a single incident and discusses pertinent factors related to the patient.
incident report a written document describing inadvertent trauma to a patient, errors or omissions in care, or untoward events happening to staff or visitors. Such a report should be filed as soon after the event as possible. Called also accident report.
shift report in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as exchanging essential patient care information with other nursing staff at change of shift.


Etymology: L, re + portare, to carry
(in nursing) the transfer of information from the nurses on one shift to the nurses on the following shift or before the transfer of a patient from one unit to another. Report is given systematically at the time of change of shift. The nurse manager, team leader, or primary nurse conducts the report, summarizing the progress and status of each patient for the nurses who will next assume responsibility for the care. The provider of the information is said to "give report," and the oncoming staff to "take report." Report may be given to the assembled oncoming staff, or it may be tape recorded so that staff members can listen to it individually or in a group on their own schedule. The Kardex and medcard of each patient are updated before report, and staff members are informed of the changes during report.


A formal account, oral, written, or electronic, of conditions, events, or actions.
[O.Fr. reporter, fr. L. re-portare, to carry back]


1. The account, usually verbal and often tape-recorded, that the nursing staff going off duty gives to the oncoming staff. The purpose is to provide continuity of care despite the change in staff. The information provided is of the utmost importance in caring for critically ill patients.
2. A record of a drug reaction, illness, medical emergency, or other health-related statistic.

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A HELICOPTER carrying 18 passengers was hit by a sea tornado, sending it into a violent spin, an accident report said yesterday.
After using self-contained forms to exchange details with other drivers and fill out an accident report, complete with a sketch of the scene, the guide recommends contacting the 24 hour Vauxhall Accident Support Centre where expert staff will provide scene of accident advice, a message relaying service, help with the insurance claim, alternative transport, uninsured loss recovery and onward travel arrangements.
Accident report forms must include the names of all the first-aid providers.
SALT LAKE CITY -- In response to citizen needs, the Utah Department of Public Safety announced today the launch of the new Accident Reports system that allows citizens to easily retrieve their automobile accident report online at http://crashreport.
Noting that at least one Google accident report said the test driver assumed control, Consumer Watchdog called for full disclosure of the disengagement reports.
allegedly asked for Dh2,000 in bribe from an informant, who posed as a person indulged in a car crash and needed an accident report to fix his car in October.
The officer is accused of soliciting Dh2,000 and forging an accident report without actually inspecting the vehicle on the accident site.
A Dubai police officerCehas gone on trial accused of forging an accident report so that a driver who didn't have insurance would not be punished for the crime.

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