accessory breast

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ac·ces·so·ry breast

a milk-secreting gland located elsewhere than at the normal place on the front of the chest and existing in addition to the two usual mammae.
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Accessory breast tissue out-with this embryological milk line is, however, less common [2, 3].
An uncommon location for accessory breast tissue: inner thigh.
Dr Bijlani said among the most common deformities is accessory breast tissue or Polymastia.
Accessory breast tissue may be present along the milk lines in 2-6% of women.
Mastopathy of the accessory breast in the bilateral axillary regions occurring concurrently with advanced breast cancer.
De Chonolky T: Accessory breast tissue in the axilla.
These are usually found in the lower armpit and are known as accessory breasts.
Some women have an extra nipple or nipples and these are usually found below the breast or above the belly button; neither accessory breasts nor nipples are dangerous, nor do they have to be removed