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the project of a small cadre of Anglo-Canadians within the government and a few academic associates, some of whom had made the colonial pilgrimage to Oxford University, with French Canadians and non-British ethnic groups largely sidelined.
In addition, the Kettering meeting was attended by representatives of Gannett and Cox newspapers and Stanford University and the University of Missouri, along with academic associates of Kettering.
Quest Diagnostics collaborates with Academic Associates, who are thought leaders from leading academic institutions, to develop new tests and provide specialized consultation.
Fisher, Odell, and Horton became Nichols Institute's first Academic Associates by forming contracts between Nichols Institute, UCLA, and USC, whereby a percentage of revenue from the tests they developed would go back to their parent universities to help fund their research efforts.
We published authoritative literature written by our Academic Associates and conducted workshops and lectureships.
Over the years, our number of Academic Associates reached over 65, and we pioneered such tests as the first AIDS assay with Ed Engleman at Stanford, the first cystic fibrosis assay with Tom Caskey at Baylor, and the first parathyroid hormone assay with John Potts at Harvard.
Version 12 Release 2 of the Simcyp Simulator is now available to all Consortium members and academic associates with current not-for-profit license agreements.
Version 12 of the Simcyp Simulator is now available to all Consortium Members and academic associates with current not-for-profit license agreements.
At Madison Media Institute, students can earn their Academic Associates degree, than go on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Entertainment & Media Business.
MMI offers Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Digital Art & Design, Recording & Music Technology, Video & Motion Graphics, and Electronic & Audio Visual Systems; an Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Game Art & Animation; an Academic Associates and Bachelor of Science Degree in Entertainment & Media Business.
As part of the transaction, all of Lexecon Ltd's staff and academic associates are expected to join CRA upon closing.
Burrows concluded, "With the addition of Lexecon Ltd's 30-person consulting staff, academic associates, and reputation as a market leader in European competition economics, CRA will be well equipped to respond to the changing dynamics of the global litigation support marketplace.

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