abutment tooth

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abutment tooth

a tooth selected to support a prosthesis.

Abutment tooth

A crowned tooth that stabilizes a bridge or partial denture.


In dentistry, a natural tooth or implanted tooth substitute, used to support or anchor a fixed or removable prosthesis.
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If, in the pre-operative impression, there is a wall of impression material between the abutment tooth and the neighboring tooth, the assistant should use a hemostat to remove the excess impression material to allow the liquid temporary mixture to flow into contact with the neighboring tooth.
34) The assistant points the tip into the hole in the preoperative impression that corresponds to the abutment tooth and fills the hole.
The posterior abutment tooth, should be the terminal tooth (no teeth posterior to it).
The cusp of the terminal abutment tooth that was in contact with the opposing tooth was considered as the centric stop.