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Cornelius, without even hearing what his jailer said, allowed himself to be ill-treated, abused, and threatened, remaining all the while sullen, immovable, dead to every emotion and fear.
During the next decade, the abused drug testing market will undergo significant transformation.
Previously abused individuals display elevated blood concentrations of inflammatory substances that fight infections and repair damaged tissue, say psychologist Andrea Danese of King's College London and her colleagues.
Preadolescents and adolescents who are enrolled in Medicaid and seek reproductive health services have an elevated likelihood of being abused or engaging in criminal behavior, both before and after their reproductive health visits, according to a recent cross-sectional analysis of Alaskan public health databases.
She had been a victim of child abuse by her father, and she was physically, verbally, and sexually abused by two husbands.
Whatever the situation that families and children find themselves in, the impact on children is clear--those who have been abused struggle to properly access the academic curriculum and to learn effectively.
The controversial parental alienation syndrome, which arose in the family court system in the early 1990s, holds that a parent brainwashes children into believing that the other parent has abused them and makes false allegations to authorities in custody cases.
The horror of youngsters using anabolic steroids really hits home when you consider the story of Taylor Hooten, a talented high school athlete from Plano, TX, who abused anabolic steroids and suffered from extreme depression once he withdrew from them.
is an intimate and searchingly memorable collection of many touching and informative stories from the lives of many abused peoples wishing to let known their perspective of the abuse they once encountered and their accounts of forgiveness.
The prescription drugs most often abused by teens are painkillers, antianxiety medications (benzodiazepines), stimulants, and steroids--powerful drugs that carry real health risks.
Some of the most dangerous substances abused by your students may be found in the home--and even in schools.
In a British Columbia (Canada) survey of 16,000 high school students, 38% of those students with disabilities reported having been sexually abused or assaulted, compared with 17% of those without disabilities (Murphy, 1995).