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The average number of types of macromolecules (for example, mRNAs) per cell.
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05; minimum count allowed in each node: 5) and abundance of fish for regression trees (fitting method: least squares; minimum split index value: 0.
The greatest abundance of this species occurred between April and July with a peak (n = 81) in July 2008, and was lowest between October and December with only one individual recorded in November 2008.
The type of field edge habitat around farmlands influences the abundance and diversity of insects they attract, including pests that may be of concern to growers in adjacent crops (Pease and Zalom 2010).
Such low abundances have not been observed and therefore the extrapolation is likely to be increasingly in error at lower and lower abundances.
Larvae of the genus Thunnus may generally be more abundant in near-reef waters than farther offshore, because in all studies of tuna larvae in near-reef waters consistently high concentrations or abundances of Thunnus larvae have been found there.
In response to the growing public health concern about a dengue outbreak in north central Texas, we conducted an assessment of dengue vector abundance in Dallas County, Texas, in 2006 and discuss in this article the potential risk of a dengue outbreak in the region based on the dengue vector abundance and climate factors associated with the abundance.
Last year, Jason Prochaska of the University of California, Santa Cruz and his colleagues linked deuterium concentrations in the Milky Way with the varying abundance of titanium.
Paired talks on theory and observation review the current status of solar abundances, main sequence stars, massive stars close to the main sequence, red giant branch, asymptotic giant branch stars, binaries, and nucleosynthesis.