abstract thinking

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ab·stract think·'ing

thinking in terms of concepts and general principles (for example, perceiving a table and a chair as furniture), as contrasted with concrete thinking.

abstract thinking

the final, most complex stage in the development of cognitive thinking, in which thought is characterized by adaptability, flexibility, and the use of concepts and generalizations. Problem solving is accomplished by drawing logical conclusions from a set of observations, for example, making hypotheses and testing them. This type of thinking is developed by 12 to 15 years of age, usually after some degree of education. In psychiatry, many disorders are characterized by the inability to think abstractly. Compare concrete thinking, syncretic thinking.

ab·stract think·ing

(ab-strakt' thingk'ing)
Consideration in terms of concepts and general principles (e.g., perceiving a table and a chair as furniture), as contrasted with concrete thinking.

abstract thinking

The ability to calculate, sort, categorize, conceptualize, draw conclusions, or interpret and condense complex ideas. In clinical medicine, abstract thinking is assessed by asking patients to interpret proverbs. Patients with dementia or other cognitive deficits may fail to do so, as they fail to see the relationships between similar objects and ideas.
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Patient discussion about abstract thinking

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The scale is composed of two brief subtests: (1) a 40-item vocabulary test that requires the respondent to choose which of four listed words "means the same or nearly the same" as a specific target word; and (2) a 20item abstract thinking test, which requires the respondent to fill in numbers and letters that logically complete a given sequence.
There is also a free stress ball on offer from design company Abstract Thinking, and it is running a competition to win a meal at Terrace Sea Restaurant in Heswall.
practice, application, extension activities and review to help students achieve competency in both number skills and abstract thinking before moving to higher math objectives.
But science is all about diligence, hard sustained work over long stretches of time, sweating the details, and abstract thinking, none of which is really being fostered by mainstream culture.
A philosophy curriculum can be accessible to high school students, they argue, and it offers a myriad of benefits: exposure to new ideas and opinions, familiarity with abstract thinking, and the development of skills to analyze and construct effective arguments.
A perfect outlet for your abstract thinking and expression.
Cognitive testing showed impaired abstract thinking, memory, and attention but no affective or psychotic disturbance.
Cognitive impairment, including poor attention, preoccupation, difficulty in abstract thinking, and disturbance of volition.
1 was amazed at the amount of problem-solving and abstract thinking that went on during this project.
But his propensity to overlook the link between citizen and state, or to take it for granted, could ultimately threaten the very heart of his moral reflection by confining it to the level of abstract thinking and divorcing it from its everyday, concrete anchorage.
the foundations for abstract thinking are present at a very young age; and
Later results from the study will more precisely characterize any cognitive deficits associated with type 1 diabetes, he said, but previous work suggests that these patients can have problems with executive functioning, abstract thinking, and three-dimensional visual-spatial orientation.