absorption band

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ab·sorp·tion band

the range of wavelengths or frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum where radiant energy is absorbed by passage through a gaseous, liquid, or dissolved substance; it is exploited for analytical purposes in colorimetry or spectrophotometry, and is usually described in terms of the wavelength where maximum absorbance occurs (that is, λmax).
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The comparative results of optical density ratio of absorption bands between PE and Cu-PE coatings (Table 1) also demonstrate the decrease in the crystallinity, branched degree and unsaturated degree of PE coatings after doping Cu.
So, authors [14] have found strengthening of interaction at coincidence of absorption bands in IR range of adsorbate and adsorbent spectra.
The styrene absorption band at 270 nm produces a significant reduction in the scattering cross section at 270 nm.
From these figure showed that the addition of acid does not cause damage to the Si-O bond was characterized by stability stretching vibration absorption band of Si-O-Si at 1049.
Infrared absorption bands of minerals and kerogen [17] Mineral Wavenumber, [cm.
It presented a maximum absorption band at 433 nm and 456 nm before and after iodine isomerization, respectively, with batachromic shift of 24 nm and with a fine structure profile similar to [gamma]-carotene after iodine isomerization, consistent with poly-cis-[gamma]-carotene, according to Davies (1976).
The complete assignment of the absorption bands in measured IR spectra is summarized in Table 2.
1] corresponding to the broad--OH stretching absorption band between 31003470 [cm.
This specular reflection spectrum exhibits the dispersion in the refractive index that occurs through an infrared absorption band.
Sunscreens do not protect against visible light and hypericin has a strong absorption band in the red part of the spectrum.