absorbent cotton

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1. a plant of the genus Gossypium.
2. a textile material derived from the seeds of this plant.
absorbable cotton oxidized cellulose.
absorbent cotton (purified cotton) cotton freed from impurities, bleached, and sterilized; used as a surgical dressing.

ab·sor·bent cot·ton

cotton from which all fatty matter has been extracted, so that it readily takes up fluids.

ab·sor·bent cot·ton

(ab-sōrbĕnt kotŏn)
Cotton from which all fatty matter has been extracted, so that it readily takes up fluids.
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The facilities in Nevada, Connecticut and Puerto Rico will operate under the supervision of general manager Tom Iwasyszyn, who will continue to guide the business under the Carolina Absorbent Cotton brand.
The outer melt blown and spunbonded layers are engineered to effectively transport liquid into the highly absorbent cotton core from the surface.
Medical gauze bandage 1 N / sterile items 7m h14sm 7200; 2 plaster bandage 20cm x 2,7m units - 4500; 3 Medical gauze roll m - 22000; 4 Medical absorbent cotton wool hygienic items not sterile 100.
We also produce high-quality, cloth- like materials for tabletop, wiping and cleaning products, along with absorbent cotton fibers for health and beauty applications.
Tenders are invited for Absorbent cotton wool 300g net
The company, which exhibited at INDEX for the first time this year, manufactures "Super White" bleached absorbent cotton for medical and healthcare applications and can customize products on demand with state-of-the-art equipment.
Marusan has been a leading manufacturer of absorbent cotton, while Nisshinbo and Unitika are longstanding major manufacturers of many types of cotton textiles.
Cotton spunlaced nonwovens are made by applying water jets to a web formed by means of carding the absorbent cotton after it has been scoured and bleached.