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/ab·sorb·able/ (-sorb´ah-b'l) capable of being absorbed.

gelatin film, absorbable

a hemostatic.
indications It is used to attain hemostasis during surgery, particularly neurological, thoracic, and ophthalmic procedures.
contraindications Infection or gross contamination of the surgical wound prohibits its use.
adverse effects There are no known adverse effects.


Pertaining or referring to surgical material—sutures, clips, ligatures—which disappears over time by hydrolysis, proteolysis or phagocytosis.
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On the basis of the results obtained in the study, it can be concluded that there is no long- term difference in cosmetic outcomes between absorbable chromic catgut sutures and traditional polypropylene sutures in the repair of facial lacerations in the pediatric population.
16] conducted a clinical trial among 216 children with acute appendicitis with standard skin closure using interrupted absorbable subcuticular sutures These patients were not randomized and all the wounds were closed with an identical technique.
By lasting time, the concentration of absorbable phosphorus, dissolved phosphorus, absorbable Zn and Mn decreased that decrease was seen in treatment [t.
Biotronik developed its absorbable magnesium alloy stent (AMS) as an alternative to conventional metal stenting and to other absorbable polymer stents under development, which have limitations with recoil properties.
Being absorbable, Caprosyn suture should not be used where extended approximation of tissue is required.
Customers need not buy their absorbable polymer and do their processing with two separate vendors.
On the basis of product the absorbable and non-absorbable market is segmented into automated suturing devices and sutures segments.
It is the only product FDA approved for stabilization and prevention of device infection, is fully absorbable, and has six clinical studies supporting its efficacy.
It is thus recommended that absorbable Polyglactin 910 sutures should be used for wound closure after thyroid surgery as it does not require suture removal and thus prevents patient anxiety and discomfort and also saves surgeon and staff's time.
9] Detweiler et al achieved normal small bowel and colon anastomoses in animals with fibrin glue and an absorbable endoluminal stent.
The first commercially available products are the TYRX Antibacterial Envelopes for Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs)--in both absorbable and non-absorbable options.
The V-Loc PBT joins the V-Loc 90 and V-Loc 180 absorbable wound closure devices currently available to healthcare professionals.