absolute pressure

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ab·so·lute pres·sure

pressure measured with respect to zero pressure. Compare: gauge pressure.
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In addition, the vacuum part is equipped with a buffer tank, a vacuum pump (Edwards model RV3), and two absolute pressure transducers (MKS model 627B11TBCIB) having a linear range from 0 to 13 332 Pa with a 0.
i], is calculated from the inlet temperature, RH, and absolute pressure according to ASHRAE (2005).
Reduced vacuum and free air delivery is to be expected at altitudes above sea level, because as altitude is increased, vacuum pressure is reduced proportionately to the absolute pressure.
Specific mechanical energy is possible to be determinate by thermodynamic method, measuring the difference between absolute pressures in reference sections and temperature difference in the same sections.
The range includes transmitters for gauge pressure, absolute pressure, temperature, and ultrasonic noise (for detecting steam and gas leaks).
Volatile elements such as calcium or sodium, which have high vapor pressures at low absolute pressures, can distort hydrogen porosity because they volatilize and form pockets of their own gases.
KYOTO, Japan -- OMRON Corporation (TOKYO:6645)(ADR:OMRNY) today announced the release in January 2013, of an absolute pressure sensor1 capable of accurately detecting 50cm altitudinal variations through highly precise sensing of air pressure fluctuation.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Absolute Pressure Measuring Instrument With Display Distance Between Measuring Point And Display Is 10 Meters
This required the systems to be equipped with new and precise sensors, such as the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP), air fuel ratio sensors, and others.
The ST3000 pressure and differential pressure transducers, for measuring applications involving one of the basic types of pressures, such as differential, relative or absolute pressure, are able to measure the process pressure and send an unified output signal, proportional with the measured variable, in the range of a bifilar loop, of 4 - 20 mA.
Options within the 2600T range include a multivariable transmitter offering a three-in-one solution for the measurement of flows and liquids, steam or gas with absolute pressure and temperature compensation.
The air compression ratio is calculated at absolute pressure by taking the required pressure in psi (250)+atmospheric pressure at sea level (14.