absolute neutrophil count

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absolute neutrophil count (ANC)

the number of neutrophils in a milliliter of blood, having a reference value of approximately 1500-7700 per μL. The ANC is a measure of a person's immune status. Generally, if the count is above 1000, the person may safely mingle with other people or undergo chemotherapy, but a count below 500 indicates that a person is at high risk for infection and should be kept away from those with infectious diseases. Neutropenia by definition is an ANC below 1800/mm3. It is calculated by adding the number of segmented neutrophils and the number of basal neutrophils and multiplying the sum by the total white blood cell (WBC) count. The formula is ANC = Total WBC count × (% neutrophils + % bands)/100. Also called the absolute granulocyte count (AGC).

absolute neutrophil count

Abbreviation: ANC
The actual number of neutrophils in a cubic millimeter of blood. The approximate normal range is 3000 to 6000 cells/mm3. This figure is measured before and after drugs are given that may lower neutrophil counts, such as those used in cancer chemotherapy. Generally, chemotherapy is not given unless the patient's ANC is greater than 1000. Patients with an ANC of less than 500 cells/mm3 are at high risk for infection. See: neutrophil


The development of fever in a patient with neutropenia secondary to chemotherapy is an indication for urgent medical evaluation and prompt institution of broad-spectrum antibiotics.
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Greater decline in absolute neutrophil count (ANC), a measure of the number of neutrophils present in the blood, correlated with worse QoL at ANC nadir (lowest point) for measures of Role Physical, Social Functioning, General Physical Symptoms and Distress.
Relative and absolute neutrophil counts were also increased significantly in nonsmoking welders (p < 0.
Patients with Type II Gran clones had similar peripheral white blood cell, red blood cell, and absolute neutrophil counts, as well as hemoglobin level (Hgb) compared to patients without Type II Gran clones, suggesting that differences in platelet counts are likely not due to differences in underlying marrow blood cell production, but rather to enhanced platelet consumption in patients with Type II Gran clones.
With ethnic differences noted in some types of white blood cells, it is recommended that a separate reference range is introduced for percentage and absolute neutrophil counts and percentage lymphocytes for black patients.
A higher incidence of grade 4 neutropenia was reported in the R1626 treatment arms during the 4-week treatment period; however, after stopping treatment with R1626, absolute neutrophil counts returned to the levels typically seen with patients taking standard of care alone
The increases seen in mean total cholesterol, LDL, hemoglobin, serum creatinine and transaminases and the decrease seen in mean absolute neutrophil counts from baseline during the first 6-12 weeks in the prior randomized studies did not progress during the two years in ORAL Sequel.
The use of PgxPredict:CLOZAPINE does not eliminate the need for monitoring of white blood cell counts and absolute neutrophil counts as recommended in clozapine prescribing information.
In safety data based upon 349 patients, the most serious adverse reactions of the Zevalin therapeutic regimen included severe infusion reactions and thrombocytopenia (61% of patients with platelet counts less than 50,000 cells/mm3) and neutropenia (57% of patients with absolute neutrophil counts less than 1,000 cells/mm3).