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Size or extent.
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Absolute magnitude of change in technological advances = R&D [intensity.
40 kiloparsecs [1] and so the absolute magnitudes for this object are selected as B = -1.
Such estimates can be used to extend the visual light curves, and hence derive more accurate absolute magnitudes, and to derive equivalent parameters for fainter comets.
Different osteocalcin (Oc) assays may produce different values from the same clinical specimen, both in terms of the absolute magnitude of the Oc value reported and in correlation studies.
Nonetheless, the exposure to these headline risks is adequately accounted for in Fitch's analysis, though some investors may be unaware of the absolute magnitude of exposure.
Note: Absolute magnitude is the magnitude the meteor would have if it was in the zenith, 100km above the observer.
While Fitch is comfortable that the exposure to these names and sectors is adequately accounted for in the analysis and rating of the ABCP conduits, investors may be unaware of the absolute magnitude of exposure.
In order to estimate the unfiltered absolute magnitude of SN 2011fe at maximum light, it is necessary to remove the effects of both foreground and host galaxy extinction and to apply the appropriate correction for the distance to M101.
Instead of time, it is the velocity of light which turns out to be the absolute magnitude.
The company should move from a loss last year to a profit of greater absolute magnitude this year, and a net debt/EBITDA of 1.
For each return the absolute magnitude of the comet was determined using the linear fit, and these values are shown in Figure 4, together with an estimate made for 1969, based on the reported photographic magnitudes.
Zoltick commented, "The absolute magnitude of each individual patient's 'calcium score' was not predicted by the degree of risk factor abnormalities.