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Attendance record posted on the official website of the House showed that Pacquiao had a total of 22 absences-16 session days without notice and another six session days with notice of absence.
The most common reason for absence in all schools was illness, which is an authorised absence.
SICKNESS absence remains low but there is growing concern about rising levels of mental health and stress-related problems, according to a study.
A third of employers said they do not have approaches for managing mental health-related long-term absence, with evidence suggesting that GPs also find it difficult to suggest workplace adjustments.
Back pain and musculoskeletal disorders remain the main cause of longterm absence, with stress and mental health disorders the main cause of absence for one in four companies.
TO) said on Tuesday that its board of directors has approved the leave of absence request made by its chairman Patrick M.
MANY businesses put detailed policies in place to monitor and manage sickness absence, with references made to absence reporting, return to work interviews, "trigger levels" for formal action and cautions where absence is excessive.
THE Government's 'agship "t note" programme is failing to deliver on getting people back to work, with long-term absence rates increasing, according to a new report.
SICKNESS absence accounted for 131 million days in the UK in 2013, a fall of more than a quarter from 10 years ago when the total was 178 million, according to ocial statistics.
some employees may be conspicuous in their absence and will have decided to just stay at home.
When the sun shines (if we're lucky) some employees may be conspicuous in their absence and will have decided to just stay at home.
One in nine pupils in Middlesbrough is at risk of becoming persistent absentees, missing between 22 and 45 half-day sessions, it has been revealed in statistics published in the Department for Education's Pupil Absence - Autumn Term 2012 review.