abrasion resistance

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a·bra·sion re·sis·tance

(ă-brāzhŭn rĕ-zistăns)
Ability of a tooth or a material to avoid being worn away by abrasive forces.
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In an attempt to establish a correlation between abrasion resistance, durability and retroreflectivity, data from NTPEP trials were compared to laboratory test results.
Abrasion resistance data has been compiled for more than 50 years with very consistent results.
The company says that the material offers excellent abrasion resistance, low-temperature properties, hydrolytic stability, and fungus resistance, and that the new TPU series can be formulated for extruded profile, sheet, and film applications.
Exatec has developed a manufacturing process eponymously called Exatec 500 that uses plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition to apply a microns-thick layer of silicon oxide to polycarbonate panels, giving them abrasion resistance similar to glass.
Due to the abrasion resistance and crushing resistance of the mullite crystal ceramic structure, the ceramic mold/core media has high durability.
The requirement for the use of high cis NdPBR is abrasion resistance of the belt and a low rolling resistance on the runner systems (energy efficiency).
CN2261LV was developed for UV-curable wood coating applications, where hardness and abrasion resistance are required.
It was developed especially for the treads, where it can improve wet traction and abrasion resistance.
Food & Drug Administration) compliance, improved release characteristics, lower coefficient of friction, and enhanced abrasion resistance, the coatings can be applied in 0.
These tiles offer excellent abrasion resistance, reducing noise, impact, and injuries in high-traffic applications.